What are the advantages of aluminum alloy products | Aluminium Round tube

1. Aluminum alloy products have low density and light weight, but high strength. In the field of industrial applications, they can approach or even exceed high-quality steel, so as to be processed into various profiles. After heat treatment of some aluminum alloys, its electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance are very good.
2. The application range of aluminum alloy products is very wide. Whether in house construction or in interior decoration, you can see the application of aluminum alloy products. Some of the common curtain rods are made of aluminum alloy round tubes, which have a low cost and can be widely used.
3. In addition to retaining the characteristics of aluminum, aluminum alloy products also have the characteristics of other metals. It is very easy to process. After post-processing such as spraying and baking varnish, aluminum alloy products still have a certain decorativeness. Therefore, curtain rods made of aluminum alloy not only play a load-bearing function, but also play a decorative role, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone.
However, all these applications of aluminum alloy products are based on the mastery of the characteristics of aluminum alloy, just like aluminum alloy round tubes can never replace the steel in the load-bearing walls of houses, understand it and use it reasonably. In order to give full play to its role.
Aluminium Round tube