Use all aluminum furniture instead of sheet metal custom furniture, zero formaldehyde

Aluminum furniture

As long as the decoration board is used, as long as the glue is used, there must be formaldehyde. Made of aluminum alloy, no plate is used, so no glue is used, and there will be no formaldehyde.
Replacing sheet cabinets with aluminum alloy cabinets
Customized high-end stainless steel cabinets, the appearance is not inferior to the plate cabinets of big brands. The surface is printed with wood grain, which cannot be seen as metal, and the countertop is matched with advanced slate. Ceramic cabinets are aluminum alloy frames with ceramic plates embedded.
Replacing wooden doors with aluminum alloy doors
Aluminum alloy glass door, most suitable for kitchen and bathroom. Zero formaldehyde, waterproof, glass provides lighting, can expand the sense of space, very recommended for small units. The room can also use aluminum alloy doors.