The prospect of aluminium furniture

China's furniture industry is still an industry full of business opportunities. In the eyes of traditional furniture people, this judgment is untrustworthy. However, if you shift your eyes to aluminum furniture and look at its development, you will think this statement is true.
       Speaking of aluminum alloy doors and windows, everyone is familiar with it, but it is rare to talk about aluminum furniture in life. With the popularization of environmental protection awareness and technological progress, many industries are gradually transforming to "green", but the construction and home furnishing industry has always been made of traditional wood, and even the furniture we usually come into contact with is mostly made of man-made panels. These materials Not only the trees are wasted, but more importantly, the pollution of the air environment and the harm to the human body caused by the chemical components added in the material are unavoidable. However, the biggest advantage of aluminum furniture compared to wood-based furniture is that it is environmentally friendly. At the same time, aluminum furniture can also be made into the same wood grain as solid wood furniture, which meets people's visual needs for solid wood furniture. All-aluminum furniture is also more environmentally friendly in the production process, which also has a great advantage in the environment where the country vigorously strengthens the emission control of toxic and harmful substances in the production process of furniture factories. In fact, in my opinion, safety furniture is the real outlet. Consumers' interest in all-aluminum furniture is increasing little by little, and the market is gradually recognizing it. As an industry insider, it is much more promising to look at the safety furniture market and open up the safety furniture market than to squeeze into a pile of old products with meager profits and no future.
 In fact, my country's aluminum production industry generally has overcapacity, and the industry urgently needs to seek new growth points. The emergence of all-aluminum furniture has given many people in the aluminum industry hope. At present, is the furniture on the market really environmentally friendly, healthy and value for money? Those harmful chemical raw materials such as formaldehyde and benzene are invisible and invisible, while furniture made of metal materials such as aluminum alloy and cold-rolled steel plates are made of mineral resources. A series of processed products can be reused, and there is no problem of excessive formaldehyde in general furniture. In addition, even if it is eliminated, aluminum alloy furniture will not waste resources and damage the ecological environment.
       Not only that, all-aluminum furniture also has fire-proof and moisture-proof functions. Metal furniture such as aluminum alloy generally uses metal plates with better strength in the production process. After a series of bending processes, these aluminum alloy furniture can meet many functional requirements. In addition, in terms of price, compared with solid wood furniture, the price of aluminum alloy furniture is still quite competitive.
   Although many aluminum alloy furniture factories have devoted themselves to the development, manufacturing and sales of all-aluminum furniture, judging from the current market promotion situation, it still takes time to enter the home in a large area. In addition, all-aluminum furniture also has some obvious shortcomings. First of all, there is a problem of concept. In the traditional concept of many Chinese people, the furniture should still be made of wood. Therefore, there must be a gradual process of understanding metal furniture. Some consumer experts told reporters that the hard and cold texture of aluminum alloy furniture is a bit bad for many people. Because the original materials used in general metal furniture are hard metal plates, and its physical characteristics determine the hardness of aluminum alloy furniture, so people often reject them because of texture problems. In addition, the sound is louder and the color tone is single, which cannot meet the requirements and choices of the consumers for the style of furniture. It is also the deficiency of aluminum alloy furniture.
       In summary, the author believes that the development prospects of all-aluminum homes are very optimistic.
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