The correct maintenance method of Aluminium Kitchen Profile

Aluminium Kitchen Profile products have the characteristics of high strength, light weight, strong corrosion resistance, novel structure, convenient assembly, material saving and durability, but if reasonable maintenance is not carried out, installation and maintenance will still affect Aluminium Kitchen Profile products have beautiful appearance and surface color.

Therefore, everyone needs to know the correct maintenance and maintenance methods.

1. During the handling of Aluminium Kitchen Profile, it must be handled gently to prevent bumps from causing surface scratches and affecting the appearance of the surface;

2. Aluminium Kitchen Profile must be covered with tarpaulin during transportation to prevent the intrusion of rain and snow;
3. The storage environment of Aluminium Kitchen Profile should be dry, bright, well-ventilated and non-corrosive climate, at the same time, it should be strictly protected from rain, water and snow;

4. When storing the Aluminium Kitchen Profile, its bottom must be separated from the ground by a pad, keeping the distance from the ground greater than 10CM;

5. When storing the Aluminium Kitchen Profile, it is strictly forbidden to store it with chemical materials and wet materials;

6. During the installation of Aluminium Kitchen Profile, the surface must be pasted with waterproof tape, and the frame material in contact with the wall must ensure that the oxide film and paint film on the surface of the profile are not damaged, and at the same time use qualified cement and sand;

7. After processing into doors and windows, regularly clean the aluminum surface with a clean cloth and neutral detergent.