Kitchen cabinet profiles | All-aluminum kitchen cabinet, environmentally friendly and practical

Kitchen cabinet profiles
The whole body of the all-aluminum cabinet is made of aluminum, and the surface is treated with wood grain transfer and spraying, which looks very atmospheric and advanced. What are the benefits of all-aluminum cabinets?
Environmentally friendly
All-aluminum cabinets are internationally recognized formaldehyde-free cabinets and are truly environmentally friendly cabinets. Its invention itself is to replace the log material. It does not require glue to bond like logs, and it can be spliced ​​with gussets or locks during installation. And it is made of aluminum-magnesium-zinc-copper, with a high level of hygiene and safety.
beautiful atmosphere
Nowadays, as the public's individual aesthetic requirements are getting higher and higher, manufacturers have also produced a variety of products with public aesthetics. For example, if your home style is new Chinese style, you can choose all-aluminum cabinets with imitation mahogany patterns; if it is a minimalist and luxurious style, you can choose all-aluminum cabinets with imitation marble patterns. He will no longer be all silver as before, which will inevitably make people feel too cold.
Fireproof and waterproof
One is metal and the other is wood. Needless to say, everyone knows which is more fireproof. And all-aluminum cabinets are more resistant to pressure, and general heavy pressure or bumping will not cause any damage to it. At the same time, compared with log cabinets, all-aluminum cabinets are not damp, so they are not afraid of broken rice noodles or bugs. The practicality is too strong.
Easy to install and easy to clean
The installation of all-aluminum cabinets is simple and flexible, that is, after simply designing the kitchen layout, you can install it directly in the designated place. It is very suitable for friends who want to quickly pack or are in a hurry to move in. At the same time, the installed all-aluminum cabinet is also very convenient for cleaning. There is a protective film on the surface. If it is dirty, wipe it with a rag and it will be clean. Compared with logs, it requires a lot less maintenance work, and there is no need to be afraid of mold and rot. It's been like new for decades.