Is the thickness of the aluminum extrusions the thicker the better?

In the daily consumption process, people will have such a consumption concept: the higher the price of goods, the better, the more quantity the better, and the more materials the better...Because the more the material, the higher the corresponding price, and the natural quality The better.

So, can any product be defined according to this rule? When purchasing aluminum extrusions products, the price of the aluminum extrusions is mainly determined by the thickness of the wall, but consumers usually have a misunderstanding: the wall thickness of the aluminum extrusions Is the thicker the better? In fact, this is not the case.

When purchasing aluminum extrusions and windows, many consumers take it for granted that the thicker the aluminum wall thickness, the better the product quality will be if the wall thickness exceeds the national standard. In fact, this is not the case.

According to industry insiders, the national standard for product wall thickness is to ensure product safety and performance, and is set in accordance with energy conservation and environmental protection requirements. It is not that the thicker the product wall thickness, the better the product quality. Because the wall thickness of the profile is too thick, the air-tightness and water-tightness of the product cannot be guaranteed, and the quality of the product is high, which will inevitably lead to excessive waste of resources. Moreover, there are more consumables for products that are too thick than products that meet the national standard, which will inevitably bring too high product prices and bring unnecessary economic burdens to consumers. Therefore, aluminum products that meet the requirements of national standards can be called good products.

Generally speaking, as long as the advertising aluminum materials produced by regular aluminum extrusions manufacturers are made of high-quality aluminum ingots, they have good tensile strength and yield, and the thickness of the profiles strictly implements the "national standard".

It can be seen that the wall thickness of aluminum extrusions is not the thicker the better. Only in compliance with the relevant national standards, the quality of the product can be well guaranteed.