Introduction to industrial sliding doors | Sliding door systems

The industrial sliding door is a passage for people to enter and exit the building, a passage for entering and exiting large equipment, a passage for entering and exiting goods, etc., depending on the space around the building door opening, choose a two-way or one-way sliding opening method; depending on the size of the building door opening , Choose the left-right or up-and-down stacking push-pull opening method; usually the upper load-bearing suspension type, when the user needs or the condition of the installation track above the doorway, it can be designed as a lower load-bearing support type, to facilitate the entry and exit of the personnel and ensure the lighting, it can be opened Small door or daylight window.
When the industrial sliding door encounters obstacles in the process of closing, it can automatically reverse to the fully open state. There are wire rope break maintainers at the bottom of the door. When the lifting wire rope breaks, the blade will jam the guide rail to prevent the door from falling. , Long service life, can choose automatic or jog operation to ensure that the door leaf is running or stopped at any position. The ground rail of the gate adopts light rail and flexible buffer, and the gate adopts hoisting, which can complete the hoisting of the gate in a short time and avoid ineffectiveness. Hoisting deformation, so that the door of the device does not lose accuracy.
Sliding door systems