Furniture aluminium profiles | All-aluminum furniture was born

Furniture aluminium profiles
Speaking of aluminum alloy doors and windows, everyone is familiar with it, but when it comes to aluminum furniture, it is rare in life. With the popularization of environmental protection awareness and the advancement of science and technology, many industries are gradually transforming to "green", but the construction and home furnishing industry has always been made of traditional wood, and even the furniture we contact on weekdays are mostly made of artificial boards. These materials Not only is the tree wasted, but more importantly, the chemical components added in the material will inevitably pollute the air environment and harm the human body.
Aluminum alloy materials are easy to process, easy to recycle and reuse, and have no pollution and no waste. They are more and more popular. Compared with other materials, all-aluminum furniture has high technology content, low resource consumption and less environmental pollution. The "green" transformation of the industry.
Aluminum alloy furniture has the advantages of aluminum alloy, and it has a certain strength to ensure that the furniture is not easily deformed during use. In terms of density and pressure, it has good performance, which can effectively ensure the good use of furniture in harsh outdoor conditions. At the same time, in the process of use, because it is relatively light and easy to move, it is very convenient to use in daily life. At the same time, because of its moderate hardness, when people touch aluminum alloy furniture, it will not produce excessive discomfort.
The biggest feature of aluminum alloy furniture is green environmental protection. At present, the main materials of furniture on the market are MDF, particle board, solid wood composite and other boards. Although the prices are different, consumers cannot really distinguish the pros and cons of the materials. Is it really environmentally friendly, healthy and worth the money? Those harmful chemical raw materials such as formaldehyde and benzene cannot be seen or touched, while furniture made of metal materials such as aluminum alloy and cold-rolled steel plate are obtained by a series of processing of mineral resources, which can be reused, and there is no ordinary furniture. The problem of excessive formaldehyde in In addition, even if it is eliminated, aluminum alloy furniture will not waste resources and damage the ecological environment to the social environment.
Not only that, all-aluminum furniture is also fireproof and moisture-proof. Aluminum alloy and other metal furniture generally use metal plates with good strength in the production process. After these aluminum alloy furniture are processed by a series of bending processes, they can meet the functional requirements of many aspects.
In addition, in terms of price, compared with solid wood furniture, the price of aluminum alloy furniture is still quite competitive.