Eight characteristics of aluminium furniture

Aluminum alloy furniture is a new type of furniture produced with the development of modern industrial technology. All the furniture made of aluminum alloy is because of its high strength, which is close to the strength of high-quality steel, and aluminum alloy furniture has good plasticity and is very convenient to process. The appearance of aluminum alloy furniture is very popular among young people. Its shape design is unique and has a unique artistic beauty, which is in line with fashion trends.
Environmentally friendly zero formaldehyde:
       The biggest advantage of current aluminum alloy furniture is environmental protection, because aluminum alloy, cold-rolled steel plate and other metal materials are obtained from a series of processing from our mineral resources. With the development of the metal industry, the current metal materials from the extraction of raw materials to the use of processing, and then to elimination, will not cause waste of resources in the social environment, and damage the ecological environment. Therefore, the biggest advantage of this aluminum alloy furniture is that it is green and environmentally friendly, and it is a resource product that can be reused and has a high utilization rate, and there is no problem of excessive formaldehyde in general furniture.
Fashionable and beautiful, versatile:
     Metal furniture such as aluminum alloy furniture is generally made of stronger metal plates during the production process. After a series of bending processes, these aluminum alloy furniture can meet many functional requirements. In our current market, many aluminum alloy furniture are designed with very convenient functions such as multi-drawing, multi-door, and mobile. These can be done on many aluminum alloy furniture. It is worth mentioning that, with the development of industrial technology, many of the aluminum alloy furniture has a folding function, which is very convenient to use and saves space.
Waterproof and fireproof:
     Compared with our panel furniture and solid wood furniture, this aluminum alloy furniture has the characteristics of fireproof and moisture-proof. Therefore, the second major advantage of aluminum alloy furniture is that it can withstand the test of fire and reduce losses. It also has a moisture-proof effect, which is very suitable for families in southern my country.
Easy to clean
     The surface of aluminum alloy furniture is smooth and delicate. Compared with panel and solid wood furniture, it is impermeable and has a unique advantage in moisture-proof and waterproof. The bathroom is made of aluminum alloy furniture, which is not only waterproof, moisture-proof and easy to clean, but also gives people a clean, bright and refreshing feeling, and can extend the service life of the furniture.
     The service life of traditional wooden furniture is 8 to 12 years. Facts have proved that the first is damage. After the furniture enters the home, it will corrode to a certain degree and cause damage such as moist and moth. The need to replace the furniture is even more costly. The second is cleaning and maintenance. Compared with design inspiration, consumers are more concerned about the state of furniture after entering the home. It is easy to clean, easy to maintain, and does not require time and effort. All-aluminum furniture is the best choice.
Moisture-proof and insect-proof:
      There is no need to worry about the hazards of insect infestation and damp at home. It must be an urgent need for homeowners. Many expensive pinewood and mahogany furniture were destroyed by insects. It is worth mentioning that the moisture-proof characteristics of aluminum alloy furniture are very suitable for use in the electronic age. Many of our precious audio and video tapes and classic CDs are most afraid of being interfered by strong magnetic fields. If you use aluminum alloy furniture, it will be very A good solution to such problems.
Antibacterial and no odor
     The newly renovated new house has a major fatal hazard-pollution and odor. The pungent chemical material smell brought about by the decoration of new homes is difficult to remove for a while. No matter how much air freshener is used, the peculiar smell still disturbs your private space for a long time. The problem is that such peculiar smell always endangers the health of you and your family. Song Guangsheng, director of the Environmental Monitoring Center of the China Interior Decoration Association, introduced that indoor pollution, mainly four types of pollutants, formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and radioactive substances, is currently contained in a variety of man-made panels, adhesives, and wallpaper. The main material of aluminum alloy furniture is aluminum alloy, which avoids the peculiar smell hazards of traditional wood and man-made panels.
Robust and durable:
     The hardness of diamond is 10, and the hardness of aluminum alloy is also 10. Aluminum alloy was originally selected for the series of doors and windows and curtain walls, and it is obvious to all in terms of strength, hardness, thickness, density, and waterproof and moisture-proof! Then it turned to be a furniture product, regardless of its performance and service life, it has undergone repeated experiments and tests, and it is strong and durable.
Value can be recovered:
      Have you ever seen furniture that will be recycled? All aluminum home is! Traditional household products start to depreciate at the moment consumers buy and go home, and finally replace and discard them. From the perspective of consumer groups, the current market is paying more and more attention to the product life cycle and value preservation. Shopping around, choosing the best and choosing the best is the market way, so the advantages of high-quality products are undoubtedly revealed. On the macro level, sustainable development, recycling, energy conservation and environmental protection are becoming more and more important. All-aluminum home furnishings can not only preserve value and recycle, and consume low consumption; it also lends a helping hand in energy conservation and environmental protection.
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