COVID-19 Prevention Plan China(Simplified Version)

                                            COVID-19 Prevention Plan China(Simplified Version
1、The virus transmission
                                                     Preventive Methods
1、Proactive prevention
A. Minimize personnel-intensive places and avoid public transportation as much as possible. If you must go outside, you must wear a mask . Cotton yarn and scarves masks are invalid

Cover your nose and mouth and wash your hands immediately when you cough or sneeze.

C. Dont touch the mouth, nose, and eyes

D.  Keep ventilate your home and office

2、washing your hands
A. Before, during, and after eating food ; after coughing or sneezing
B. Go back home or office by touching something outside (such as subway, handrail, door handle, elevator)

C. After going to the toilet
         If hand sanitizers are not available in your located city, soaps also is ok

3、Avoid intimate contact
A. Reduce social activity and keep a safe distance 2 meters
B. Reduce unnecessary travel, especially in bars, restaurants, public transportation, etc. If you must go outside, you must wear a mask
C. The public should refrain from having contacts with the wild animals without protection
D,The public should refrain from having contacts with stray animals

Effective disinfection methods for viruses: 75% alcohol, sodium hypochlorite (NaClO), chlorine dioxide (ClO2), hypochlorous acid water (HCIO), keep 30 minutes in a high temperature with 56 degrees, and UV light can kill the virus, Hypochlorite water(HCIO) is the safest
  1. Disinfection for hands
  2. Object surface disinfection (handrail, keyboard, mouse, handle, elevator button, car steering wheel)
  3. Mobile surface disinfection
  4.  Disinfection of toilet sewers, closestools, and floor drains to prevent the spread of aerosol transmission (especially for high-rise apartments)