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Aluminum Furniture
Aluminum is one of the non-ferrous metals in the metal category. Due to its wide application, it is introduced as follows: commonly used are aluminum profiles and die-casting aluminum alloys. Among them, aluminum ingots with a purity of more than 92% are the main raw materials, and metal elements such as carbon, magnesium, silicon, sulfur, etc. are added to increase strength, hardness, wear resistance, etc., to form a multi-component "alloy".
Aluminum profiles are common such as screens, aluminum windows, etc. It adopts the extrusion molding process, that is, after the raw materials such as aluminum ingots are melted in the furnace, they are extruded through the extruder to the mold to flow out and formed. It can also extrude profiles of various cross-sections. The advantages are: light weight of only 2.8, no rust, fast design changes, low mold investment, and longitudinal elongation of up to 10 meters or more. The appearance of aluminum profiles is divided into bright and matte. The treatment process adopts anodizing treatment, and the surface treatment oxide film reaches a thickness of 0.12m/m. The wall thickness of the aluminum profile is selected according to the optimization of the product design. It is not the thicker the better in the market. It should be designed according to the requirements of the cross-sectional structure. It can vary from 0.5 to 5 mm. The layman's belief that thicker and tougher is actually a misconception.
The surface quality of aluminum profiles also has defects that are difficult to overcome: warping, deformation, black lines, convex and concave and white lines. Those with a high level of designers and a reasonable mold design and production process can avoid the above-mentioned defects that are not obvious.
Aluminum profiles are widely used in furniture: screen frames, various suspension beams, table legs, decorative strips, handles, wire troughs and covers, chair tubes, etc., can be designed and used in a variety of ways!