Aluminum extrusions|What material is used for the frame of the glass sun room?

Aluminum extrusions

The main lighting effect of the glass sunroom is the glass product, but since the entire structure of the glass sunroom requires a lot of materials, the corresponding material selection and calculation are required before the installation of the glass sunroom is expected. Today, let's first learn about the knowledge of glass solar house frame materials, see what materials are used for glass solar house frames, and how to buy glass solar house frames.
What material is used for the frame of the glass sun room?
1. The short-bridge thermal insulation aluminum alloy uses the common glass concentrating room frame, which can not only effectively insulate heat, but also well overcome the technical difficulties of "self-loading" and is a popular frame choice. The surface of the aluminum alloy material is usually treated by high-temperature electrostatic powder spraying, which is a non-polluting, smooth surface and non-fading product.
2. The overall frame of the pure aluminum structure glass sunshine room is assembled with aluminum square tubes, and then glass or glass sockets are installed. That frame is all assembled from aluminum tubes and without steel, the rust caused by the steel itself and the installation technique is less rusty. The relative price is relatively high, and the strength of aluminum cannot be compared with that of steel, so it is not suitable for building solar rooms with large villas.
3. Pure steel or charcoal steel frame, the surface treatment is mostly fluorocarbon coating, which can be smeared or sprayed on the roller. Then install glass or glass accents. Stainless steel is not very strong and is afraid of rusting, but if it is processed well in the later stage, it can almost be avoided.
4. The interior of the steel frame of the pure steel glass sun room is an all-steel welded structure. The foundation of the glass sun room lies in the solid structural connection. The steel structure mainly plays a supporting role in the inner cavity, and the shape of the steel structure sun room is rich and colorful. In addition, as an ideal design and selection structure for glass sun room, the production of pure steel structure glass sun room needs to pay attention to the anti-corrosion treatment of the paint on the surface of the square steel, and the paint must choose a brand of good quality. It is recommended to use on-site fluorocarbon spraying, or first reach the site with electrostatic touch at the spray shop. To paint in this way, the steel surface can generally be maintained for more than 10 years without corrosion.