Aluminium Square tube | Square tube aluminum profiles in industrial aluminum profiles

Aluminium Square tube

As the name implies, the square tube is a square tube type. Many materials can form a square tube body. What is the medium used for, and where is it used? Most of the square tubes are made of steel tubes. After unpacking, Flatten, crimp, and weld to form a round tube, which is then rolled into a square tube and cut to the required length. The square tube aluminum profile, that is, the industrial aluminum profile, because its shape is square, many people will call it a square tube aluminum profile. The difference between it and the steel pipe lies in the cross section. The structure in the section is a bit complicated, and the sections of different models are also different. These profiles are formed by extrusion of the die, so the profiles can be customized.
Due to the different perceptions of each person, the square tube aluminum profile is a popular general term. Industrial aluminum profiles are often used in the construction of frames, so you still have to know what you need when choosing.