Aluminium skirting board line function and skirting line color

1. Prevent the wall from being deformed and damaged due to external force collision. The aluminum alloy skirting line in the house can prevent the wall from being soiled, and it can also make the connection between the wall and the ground stronger and prevent the wall from colliding due to external force. Cause deformation and damage; easy to scrub, for example, when the owner often mops the floor, it is easy to splash dirty water on the bottom of the wall, so it is easier to wipe clean.
2. How much is the height of the skirting line should be set? It is better to set the height of the aluminum skirting line. In order to obtain a better visual effect, the skirting line must be set according to the proportion and functionality, the general skirting The line height is 8-12cm high. If it is lower than 8cm, the proportion will be asymmetrical, creating its meaning and visual effect. If it is higher than 12cm, it will be too eye-catching and it will feel overwhelming.
3. The color of the skirting line The color of the skirting line should also be selected according to different places. Generally speaking, the skirting line is often darker than the floor color, so that it has contrast and can show the effect, but it should also be compared with the wall. And functional areas to match, such as kitchen and bedroom skirting is generally different, bedroom is a private space, and the kitchen is based on functional areas, very easy to stain, so in many cases, their colors are different Yes, of course, large spaces and small spaces are also different. The skirting of small spaces is generally lower than that of large spaces. For example, small spaces are mostly 8-10cm, and large spaces are mostly 10-12cm.
   Skirting line There are two main methods for the color selection of aluminum alloy skirting line: one is the approach method and the other is the contrast method. Proximity method: is the selection method in which the color of the selected skirting line is the same or close to the color of the floor tiles. Contrast method: the color of the selected skirting line is in contrast with the color of the floor tiles.
   Generally speaking, aluminum alloy baseboards are sold directly. For light-colored floor tiles, I personally do not recommend light-colored baseboards. I personally recommend choosing neutral purple gold-colored baseboards.
   Aluminum alloy baseboard has a high smooth appearance, bright color and strong metallic texture. The baseboard made of aluminum alloy is not easy to deform or fall off. The baseboard of aluminum alloy is wholesale and has a longer service life. The skirting process of aluminum alloy material is relatively simple and the processing period is relatively short. The skirting style of aluminum alloy material is more colorful, and it can even be customized according to your requirements. For example, those made of wood grain are closer to the color of the floor. The baseboard made of aluminum alloy has basically no radiation and is very environmentally friendly. In this era, everyone is paying more and more attention to environmental protection. The baseboard made of aluminum alloy is also in the mid-range cost and is excellent value for money. The aluminum alloy baseboard produced by our company has strong metal texture, no radiation, no fading, high strength, no deformation, moisture-proof, insect-proof, wear-resistant, aging resistance, safety and environmental protection, convenient installation, and has the function of running the line. Can be reused. Completely solve the problems of traditional solid wood, fireworks, pvc floor skirting that are not suitable for use, such as damp deformation, aging, insects, discoloration, surface peeling, etc.; aluminum alloy skirting can replace tile skirting , Because the aluminum alloy skirting has the same performance as the tile skirting, its decorative effect is more coordinated than the tile skirting, and it has a decorative grade.
Therefore, in home decoration, we must pay attention to the decoration of the skirting line. It is a part where function and decoration coexist. It is an important place that plays a role of visual balance. It uses its own linear feeling, material, color, etc. to interact with each other indoors Echoing, played a better beautification decoration effect.
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