Aluminium Kitchen Profile | Are all aluminum cabinets any good?

Aluminium Kitchen Profile
The so-called all-aluminum cabinet is a material with aluminum alloy as the base material and has a wooden texture. The appearance is completely comparable to that of solid wood.
Fireproof: Compared with solid wood cabinets, all-aluminum cabinets have superior heat resistance and can withstand a temperature difference of 200 °C. If the kitchen accidentally catches fire, the damage caused will be relatively small.
Waterproof: Although the kitchen is not as humid as the bathroom, it is more or less damp when washing dishes and vegetables. If it is a board, it is easy to get damp and moldy, and all-aluminum cabinets will never be damaged by blisters.
Wear resistance: Another point of the all-aluminum cabinet is wear resistance. If the knife accidentally cuts it, it will not leave any marks. Even after 50 years of use, it is still brand new and very practical.