Mebel-alu aluminium Integrated handle swing doors aluminium Door Profiles. Wide range of Aluminium Door Frame Profile, with customized dimensions for every door for cabinets size.Glass doors feature an aluminium frame,  with a wide choice of RAL colours and Anodized color。

If aluminum door profiles have scratches, don't worry, you can first prepare wax strips. When repairing all-aluminum furniture, we need to pay attention to the color of the wax strips needs to be similar to that of all-aluminum furniture. It is best to match the color to compare simple.aluminium cabinet profile
Coated on all-aluminum furniture can prevent scratches. Speaking of scratches here, what about water marks? Generally speaking, water marks are more difficult to deal with and basically take a while to disappear. The removal method is generally to apply a small amount of salad oil to a soft cloth and wipe in the direction of the texture. .

For more serious scratches, it needs to be removed in a more difficult way. For deeper scratches, mechanical grinding and polishing are generally required. Both of these are more common ways to remove deeper scratches. However, these two removal methods require specialized personnel to operate, and those who do not understand the operation cannot try it.