Aluminium cabinet profile | What are the advantages of aluminum alloy cabinets?

Aluminium cabinet profile

All-aluminum cabinets will not ignore the personalization, functionality and practicality that "cabinet" should have. The 200-degree high temperature wood grain vacuum transfer technology on the aluminum surface, the texture is clear and realistic, and has the same real visual sense and touch effect as solid wood.
water proof
Generally, after the solid wood material is soaked in water, it is either moldy or deformed; even if the aluminum alloy cabinet is soaked in water, it is not afraid of moisture, and it will not deform and crack.
Experts have tested that the aluminum alloy does not damage the material at a temperature difference of 200 ° C, which overcomes the shortcomings of ordinary plates that cannot withstand burning.
All-aluminum cabinets use quick-installation technology to assemble together, the process is convenient and fast, and the logistics and transportation are easy.
Not afraid of insects
The strength and hardness of aluminum alloy are higher than that of wood, and it is not afraid of the erosion of mice and termites and cockroaches; the surface of aluminum alloy has been deeply oxidized to meet the quality requirements of outdoor curtain walls, and the hardness is more than 10 degrees of Webster, so all-aluminum cabinets are under normal conditions. Under use, can be used for more than 30 years.